For this group project we did an exploration of colour on multiple displays. Lilu, Tong Yao and I got the colour red. We started by brainstorming anything and everything red. From this we found a theme of things that turn red. We made categories of things that turn red- place, body, nature and emotions. Each of us took charge of a category and a display. Finding footage of these proved to be difficult as did placing the different sized videos into a grid. We also ran out of time to finish the fourth display, so we used a video of a guy painting his car red which turned out to be my favourite part. The projection overtop was meant to be flowers blooming red but due to the time limit we could only find a field of red flowers. Though we did not stick to the categories a progression can be seen through the screens as human involvement is increased.

Portrait of a place


The group project gave us a balloon and a requirement to film both indoor and outdoor. We started by making a brainstorm of what the balloon could become most of them having supernatural connotations. We landed on the idea of balloons coming out of people like a burp. We reinterpreted this concept a few times before landing on a storyline. The main character (Max) would be a shaman-like character who discovers a balloon at the start getting consumed by the power of this balloon eventually popping it to absorb it. A witness (me) observes this occurring and follows the shaman finding people all over the place exhaling balloons and becoming lifeless before the shaman would come and steal them away. The storyline climaxes when the witness start exhaling their own balloon and the shaman comes to steal it. The film ends with the shaman skipping away with all the balloons. Our group work very collaboratively bouncing ideas of each other and creating roles for everyone as well giving everyone a chance to be in the film. Meg was the director, Tong Yao and Tien Xien did the filming, Max and I were acting and Lilu did lighting and soundtrack. We did the same thing in postproduction I did the editing then passed it to Tong Yao to do the colouring. She then passed it on to Lilu to do the sound. This video was fairly successful considering the short timeframe and the new group. The biggest issue with the video is the rough transitions as the subject moved in between the shots.