Runway journal is an open-access digital publishing platform featuring emerging and underrepresented artists. A work I was drawn to was ‘ghost (girl) in shell’ by Yoona the work is an interactive webpage performance. A storyline is formed through a sequence of pages where viewers interact with the screen using their cursor to uncover different elements of the work. The last page asks the viewer to right-click, inspect, and command+F to find where “there is a girl”, this advanced technology represents the futuristic theme that Yoona seeks to portray. The design and layout is multiple faceted and explores the complexities of the dehumanisation Asian women in modern day society. The work speaks on her bodily autonomy in retaliation to western misconceptions of East Asian womans sexuality and identity. Referencing the online personas falsely constructed condemning their identity to be cyborg-like and showing the fears of this in an emerging technology rendered world. The presentation of this as a webpage is highly effective the intricate coding behind it is not only impressive but also make the interactions with the work captivating.