Project 1 - Continous Time Loop 

The continuous time loop project called for a perfect loop my initial project was to get a couple people running through doors in a well decorated hallway so that the loop would happen seamlessly as there would be no one in the frame and you wouldn’t recognise who had run through last. To simplify this and match the time constraints I chose to film in the studio me dancing around weaving in and out of the studios. This unfortunately didn’t loop perfectly as the lighting changed throughout the shoot and its glitches as the frames changed. The next project I tried involved a 3D scan of Kat that I then made spin around. I was inspired by video game loading screens where the characters are on display with information about them. I leaned into this idea by adding the colours on her outfit in form of a colour palette and other little tidbits about her. This felt more successful to me than the previous video.

Loops with sound

Project 2 - Continous Sound Loop

The second project was all about making a soundtrack that loops to accompany the looping video. For this I wanted a playful, fun beat to match the circular motion of the video. I made this in collaboration with Reuben Taylor. We used Ableton and a plug in called serum which we used a VST instrument with two oscillators. One with a saw wave and one with a square wave, which we enabled FM from b on the saw wave, we were trying to make it sound broken like from an old speaker to replicate the old video game vibe. We then put a low pass filter on the saw wave with the residence up then mapped it to an LFO that y axis is mapped to chaos one so that it changes randomly.

Project 3 - Found Footage

The last project we did called for a video made entirely out of found footage. For this project I chose to use all copyright free videos and challenge myself to try make a cohesive theme. I started off with an Alice in Wonderland trailer which I cut Alice out of then placed her in front of stock footage to create a new trailer. I added in a woman who I imagined to be controlling the whole situation then other clips of fish being cut up and diced rolling as a metaphor from things coming to an end and for dramatic effect. The soundtrack I used was found on copyright free website which had the same dramatic trailer sound to it.

Found Footage Task

Final Project

For the final project I wanted to move away from the performance stuff I normally create so I decided to create a storyline. I first decided I wanted it to be centered around bipolar then I brainstormed ideas off that. The idea I landed on was a bird (specifically crow) that finds a boy who is being covered by “the sky”. The crow, a symbol of intelligence and flying high stands in for the highs of bipolar but also crows are a symbol of transformation which encapsulates the whole piece. The boy with the sky falling on him symbolizes the lows this is a bit more literal with the sky a high object physically falling would be low. I filmed it at a creek to be away from the city and have more emphasis on the sky. My first version of the video just had the clips I then added in text, cards introducing the characters, made it black and white and then changed the text. All these changes were based on the feedback I got during group and individual tutorials. For example, the change to black and white came after Claire showed me “Wings of Desire” a film mostly in black and white with elements of colour. The song was made by me and Reuben Taylor using Ableton.

Final Project